When To Add Drains To a Home's Spring Cleaning List

Time For Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget Your Drains!

Often one of the most neglected aspects of home cleaning is the drain! After all, those are just small clogs, right? Wrong! Regular drain cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean and hygienic home! Sure there are ways for any homeowner looking to save a quick buck to try to clean their drains on their own, but the benefits of having a professional drain cleaning service far outweigh the costs! 

Why It Is So Important To Keep Your Drains Clean

Plunger being worked on sink drain

Let’s face it, not only do dirty drains give off a foul odor, but they can also really damage a homeowner’s drains and shorten their lifespan significantly!

Why do homeowners need to care about this? Because having to replace the drains altogether is very expensive. On average, it costs $700 to replace a house’s drains! That is a lot more financially taxing than taking the time to have the old ones cleaned and taken care of. That way, a homeowner does not have to have their drains as good as new without really breaking the bank!

Not to mention, all those nasty clogs will also make drains a lot slower and less efficient. It is essential to prioritize this because a slow and inefficient drain is not only annoying when washing dishes; if left unchecked, it could also cause the water from the sink to overflow and lead to other problems such as leaks. 

What Makes Professional Drain Cleaning Services Better?

Plumber working under sink

Some homeowners may think they do not need to pay for professional help when taking care of their drainage problems. After all, there are plenty of tutorials online that they can watch and several home chemicals that they can buy to try to take on these challenges themselves. Even though this could seem like a financially wise solution in the short term, this may not be the best idea if one considers the long-term risks.

There are several methods that professional drain cleaners use that may not be accessible to the average homeowner. These methods are time-tested, highly effective, and reduce any potential clogging recurrences. Here are some examples. 

  • Hydro-jetters - Professionals use pressurized water to blast the drains completely clean. This is more effective than traditional methods because it leaves very few pieces of debris in the walls of the drains and pipes. Naturally, specialized hydro-jetting equipment is involved. 
  • Drain Augers - Using augers or motorized snakes is a method used by professionals to clean hard-to-reach places in the drains and pipes, which may not be very easy to reach using traditional drain cleaning methods. If these hard-to-reach places are left uncleaned, molds and bacteria may build up and cause problems such as foul odor and damage to the walls of the drains. 

Routine Maintenance In Between Professional Cleanings Is a Must

Of course, prevention is better than cure. Though it is important to always have regular professional drain cleaning, a responsible homeowner has to make sure the drains are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. 

The homeowner can use boiling water on their drains once or twice a week. Boiling water is more effective when washing down leftover food debris. A homeowner should also regularly check for signs of leaking to make sure the problem does not escalate and the leaks become worse. 


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