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Slab Leak Repair in Huntington Beach

Facing a leak in your slab foundation? Don’t delay! Contact your slab leak experts!

Slab leaks can be a huge problem for any homeowner. If you’ve noticed your water bill has risen, found mold growing in your carpet, or puddles of water around your residence, it could be due to a slab leak. If you fear you’re dealing with a slab leak, contact Resolved Home Services. 

We provide quality slab leak repair in the Huntington Beach, CA and can locate and repair even the toughest water leaks, ensuring your home is protected and your plumbing system is working at its best.

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What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab is a layer of concrete that has been poured onto soil or gravel surfaces. Most homes nowadays are built on top of slab foundations. But when there’s a problem with the slab, it can threaten the structural integrity of the entire house. One of the more common problems that can impact a slab is a slab “leak.”

It’s a bit of a misnomer as it’s not actually the slab that’s leaking, but your home’s plumbing system that is leaking beneath the slab. Slab leaks can cause a lot of problems and can quickly get worse, and understanding what causes a slab leak can help you prevent them.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

  • EXCESS PRESSURE: Pipes that are underground, have to deal with a lot of pressure, which can lead them to crack. This is especially common for homes that have clay-heavy soils on their property, as the clay shrinks and expands with moisture, which causes the ground to shift, impacting underground plumbing. And, of course, earthquakes are another main cause of excess pressure on underground pipes.
  • CORROSION: Your home’s underground pipes may sometimes corrode, due to being in contact with the soil and the metals and other elements the ground contains.
  • ABRASION: This is sort of the opposite of excess pressure due to shifting soil. When water passes through pipes, the pipes vibrate. If the pipes are beside a hard surface, like concrete, the vibration of the pipe may cause it to abrade and wear away until a crack or hole forms in the pipe.

Now that you know what causes a slab leak, you can be more prepared for them in your own home.

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If you notice signs of a slab leak, contact a plumber as soon as possible as it’s not a problem that will resolve on its own. And the longer it goes unresolved, the worse, and more expensive, it can be to repair. The earlier you address the problem, the less water damage you’ll face. Homeowner’s insurance will often cover part of slab leak repairs.

Resolved Home Services is your slab leak expert in Huntington Beach. We offer diagnosis and repair as well as 24/7 emergency plumbing help for when your slab leak just can’t wait.

Don’t ignore a slab leak! Call Resolved Home Services at (714) 455-1821. We’re your Huntington Beach, CA plumbing experts and are here to help you with any of your slab leak concerns and problems.

    “I can trust all their work and definitely pass their info to other contractors with confidence.” - Shohei Y.
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Signs You May Have a Slab Leak

A slab leak can do a lot of damage to your home or property in a short amount of time, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the signs of a possible slab leak. Some of the signs are common with other plumbing problems, though, so it never hurts to contact an expert like RESOLVED HOME SERVICES to diagnose your problem. Common slab leak signs can include:

  • RUNNING WATER: If you hear water running beneath your floor there’s a good chance you have a leak
  • HOT FLOORING: If part of your floor is unusually warm, it could be a leak in the hot water lines.
  • LEAKS: Puddles along your house may be from cracks in your foundation. Indoors, puddles beneath a cabinet or between tiles or the bottom of a wall, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, maybe a slab leak.
  • MOLD: If you find mold beneath or even on your carpets, it could be growing because of the excess humidity caused by a slab leak.
  • HIGH WATER USE: If you find your water meter is indicating you’re using water even when all your taps are closed and appliances are off, it’s time to call a pro.
  • HIGH WATER BILL: A higher-than-usual water bill often means there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing system and may need an expert diagnosis.
  • CRACKS: Obvious, noticeable cracks in your slab foundation or in your walls or flooring could be due to water damage from a slab leak.

If you suspect you have a slab leak, call a plumber immediately. The biggest problem with slab leaks is that they go undetected for long periods of time. In that time, mold can grow, your home can sag, and irreparable damage can be done to your foundations. At RESOLVED HOME SERVICES, we help protect homeowners in the Huntington Beach, CA area with our expert slab leak repair service.

Poor water quality can also impact your underground plumbing. Be sure to ask about our whole home filtration systems and improve your plumbing health today!

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