Beware Of Dishwasher Malfunctions To Keep The Summer Fun Going!

Dishwasher Glitches Can Ruin Backyard Fun

Spring is in full swing, and summer is just around the corner, which means days and nights are going to be filled with backyard fun! With endless sunshine and outdoor activities, homeowners and their families have every reason to be excited for the days to come. That is, assuming they do not have to deal with dishwasher glitches!

Problems with the dishwasher can cause major headaches for a homeowner – mainly because they will have to stay indoors, wash their dishes by hand, and miss out on all the backyard fun. Homeowners should understand common dishwasher problems to watch out for and know where to get help. Read on for all this information and more!

Typical Dishwasher Problems

Homeowners may experience a range of different problems with their dishwashers. These issues can be moderate to extreme, and most of the time, the symptoms are recognizable reasonably quickly. Some common issues include:

  • Cleaning issues – the dishwasher fails to adequately clean dishes
  • Dripping – the dishwasher may have small drips or leaks if there are cracks or drainage issues
  • Foul odors – the dishwasher may be clogged with food scraps or other materials that can be causing bad smells
  • Ineffective drying – the dishwasher fails to adequately dry the dishes after cleaning them
  • Strange sounds – the dishwasher may need certain parts replaced if there are abnormal sounds

If homeowners suspect or identify any of these issues and cannot address them with simple fixes, they should immediately seek professional plumbing help.

Plumbing Professionals Can Help!

Professional plumbing help is a must for dishwasher issues that are causing problems for homeowners. In some instances, there are simple fixes like removing food scraps. However, there are many times when homeowners will need more complex solutions that require professional expertise. In this case, hiring professional help can save a good amount of time and energy in the long run.

Plumbing professionals often have years or even decades of experience in helping homeowners address dishwasher issues, so the chances are that they have seen almost the entire range of potential problems! This will allow them to quickly identify the dishwasher issue and make the necessary repairs most efficiently. Plumbing companies will also typically offer warranties to ensure that homeowners do not have future problems related to their repairs!

Proper Maintenance Can Prevent Future Problems

Homeowners can help to prevent future problems through adequate and consistent dishwasher maintenance. By staying disciplined with these practices, homeowners can typically avoid most of the common dishwasher problems described earlier.

Some of the best DIY dishwasher maintenance practices include the following:

  • Clean the filter and gasket
  • Disinfect the dishwasher periodically
  • Load the proper amount and choose the correct washing cycle
  • Monitor the spinning arms to prevent buildups or foreign objects
  • Wash dishes with excessive food waste on them

While these steps are not required every time homeowners run their dishwashers, doing them every once in a while will significantly decrease the probability of issues. And this will help the backyard fun to go all night long!


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