Sewer Line Repair in Huntington Beach

When dealing with concerns revolving around your main sewer line, make sure you contact Resolved Home Services, your sewer line plumbing experts!

A broken or even clogged sewer line can result in sewage backing up into your yard or even your home, which can be a nightmare. If you suspect a leak, crack, or broken pipe in your sewer line, don’t hesitate to call for professional help as it’s an emergency situation. Resolved Home Services specializes in sewer line repairs, sewer pipe relining, and trenchless sewer repair. Our methods ensure long-lasting performance and are designed to help keep your Huntington Beach, CA home working at its best.

A Damaged sewer line is considered a plumbing emergency. Our technicians are available 24/7 and can help limit property damage and destruction.

Signs You Have a Sewer Line Issue

Problems with your sewer line are not something that should be ignored. But many homeowners may not even be familiar with the signs that there's an issue with their main sewer line. The list below may help you familiarize yourself with some of the more common signs of a problem with your home’s sewer line so you’ll know when to contact help:

  • If your home’s plumbing system and pipes are older than 50 years
  • If you find your water draining slowly or incrementally
  • If there is little to no drain suction in your sinks and tubs, and you hear water gurgling
  • If you smell a distinct sewage odor
  • If you notice water leaks and sudden staining
  • If any of these problems appear after recent landscaping to your yard

If you’ve noticed any of these problems and can’t explain them away, then it’s probably time to contact a professional.

How Are Sewer Line Repairs Done?

Because your sewer lines run underground and around your home, getting repairs done can be a challenge. Generally, sewer line repair can be done using visual inspections or sewer cameras that help give our plumbers an idea as to where damage is. More often than not, it can be fixed either with a new section of piping or a liner that is designed specifically for sewer line patches.

If, however, your sewer line is old or has a severe breakage, replacing the sewer line is best. With a sewer line installation, you can expect improved water pressure and flow, helping the drains and fixtures throughout your home drain more quickly. Additionally, this can solve constant clogging issues, which generally lead to the sewer line problem, to begin with.

At Resolved Home Services, we are your reliable Huntington Beach, CA sewer line experts. From cleanings to repairs, we can help you make an informed decision that works best for your home needs.

Looking for a cleaner and less invasive way to fix your sewer lines? Be sure to ask about our trenchless sewer repairs - the best method for fixing your sewer lines.

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Time is imperative when dealing with a main sewer line problem, as it’s something that can quickly get worse, and can be damaging to your home and property and costly to repair. This is why it’s important to have a trusted plumbing company on hand to call when dealing with a plumbing emergency. Resolved Home Services offers 24/7 emergency plumbing help when you need us most.

Don’t hesitate if you suspect a sewer line issue with your home. Call Resolved Home Services at (714) 756-2227. We’re your Huntington Beach, CA plumbing experts and are here to help you, day or night.